Christmas Cotton Towel / Adult Cotton Soft Face Towel / Hand Towel


100% cotton.


ingredient: 100% cotton, using fine cotton yarn and superb cut pile printing technology.

Specifications: Towel size 38*64cm, weight approximately: 90 grams

Can be used as face towel, hand towel, gym facial towel, outdoor activities.

Pure cotton material, super soft, strong water absorption, easy to wash and dry, stylish and beautiful.

It is normal for all cut pile products to have floating hair in the first two wash.
It is normal for the first two waters of dark colors will be fade a little.
They are all edible dyes, so don’t worry about being harmful to your body.

Reminder: Please wash all towels with cold or warm water before use, which can remove the floating cotton fiber and floating color, and also make the loops fully fluffy (please wash separately)

christmas face towel

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 3 cm

100% cotton

Made in



38cm x 64cm


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