Sport UV Protect Cool Compression Sleeves


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ONE size only.
Suitable for Men and Women.

UV Protect Coolet Compression Sleeves.

Products has 2 style : with thumb hole style , standard style
Color: 2 kinds of color to choose (black, white)


Super cool compress sleeves.

Keep your muscles compressed and warmed up for faster recovery and better blood circulation;
offers great forearm and elbow protection to minimize injury!
Let you feel Comfortable! Not too tight. Well cover your arms, forearms and elbow.


High Performance Fabric – Keeps you cool in hot environments, keeps you warm in cold environments.


UV Protection:
UV Protection of UPF 50+ (highest ranking). Your arms will protect from sunburn.

Anti-Odor & Anti-Itch Material:
Wicks moisture away from the skin. Flat lock stitch reduce chafing and rashes.

One Size:
Fits Most for Men and Women. 90% Cotton fiber, 10% Lycra.
It will stretch enough to cover arms,forearms and elbow.

Buyer who want to purchase this item, please mention which color you want to buy.

Normally, when you received the sleeves, you will found that the sleeves has a little bit different length. This is because of press when packing. After stretch for a while, they will become the same length.

Additional information

Weight 50 g

with thumb hole style, standard style


black, white


one size. For men & women.


90% Cotton, 10% Spandex/Elastane

UV test

T (UVA) AV : 0.03%, T (UVB) AV : 0.17%, UPF: >50

Made in


2 reviews for Sport UV Protect Cool Compression Sleeves

  1. adregion2003 (verified owner)

    用落很涼快, 不臭. 彈性很足, 我手不大也很啱用.

  2. keith tsang

    不錯, 這是我第三次購買了. 手指會有脫線情況, 但用剪刀剪走就得. 不會因為剪了後而出現走線情況, 就是樹技, 草等鈎過也不怕, 實在耐用得很!! 強力推薦

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